MAKIN' CAKE presented by Dasha Kelly Hamilton

Part of the Strand's NEW CENTURY SERIES

Wisconsin Poet Laureate Dasha Kelly Hamilton presents arts-based community conversations in fresh new ways. Milwaukee’s Artist of the Year in 2021, she describes herself as a “writer, performer, facilitator, mother, daughter, sister, builder, dreamer, phenomenon and change agent.” 

In her show Makin' Cake, Kelly Hamilton slices into American history exploring race, culture, and class in a refreshing and fun way. It is storytelling in layers and filled with aha-moments and poignant vignettes, digital media, and a supporting cast of two on-stage bakers. The show serves up an experience and a conversation about equity in America. Part history lesson, part social science revelation, Makin' Cake is a short story about America's sweet tooth and pathway to salvation and leaves room for dessert and dialogue with a cake reception immediately following the performance. 

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Makin’ Cake was written and produced by Dasha Kelly Hamilton. The show was initially commissioned by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, and included Kelly Hamilton facilitating arts-based conversations on race and class throughout the community. She continues to develop Makin’ Cake and to pursue dialogues about human and social wellness. 

This show takes place at the Strand Theatre


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Pay-what-you-wish, suggested ticket price of $25


TRUTH EVOLUTION, a community engagement workshop, will be presented the night before on March 29 from 7-8pm in the tower room at the Flanagan Community Center in Rockland. More Info


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Show Dates & Times:

3/30/23 - Thursday

7:00 pm,

Pay-what-you-wish, suggested ticket price of $25

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