Facility Rental Info and Technical Specifications

For additional technical information, and rental information, please contact: [email protected] or (207) 701-5053


The Strand Theatre is suited to a wide variety of uses including concerts and other live performances, film screenings, conferences and business meetings, and private parties—subject to availability within our regular program schedule. The theater is outfitted with state-of-the-art projection and sound equipment, wireless connectivity, a full-service box-office, commercial kitchen, green room/dressing rooms, and many other conveniences.  The theater comfortably seats 350 total people (92 in the balcony, 258 on the main floor). 

Our seating chart can be viewed HERE.




Venue Type

Proscenium Shoe Box Theatre with Balcony
Sloped Orchestra, risers in balcony
(6’ x 20’ area in front of stage is open & flat)

Seating Capacity

350 total (92 in Balcony, 258 on main floor)

Removable Seating

       First row Orchestra to 10’ x 20’ flat floor
       Last two rows of the Orchestra, up to 24 seats, flat floor
       6 Wheelchair locations



Proscenium Height 14’-4”
Proscenium Width 25’-6”
Stage Depth 20’-9” (from front of proscenium)
Stage Width 29’ (wall to wall)
Apron Depth 8”
Center Line to SR Wall 15’-7”
Center Line to SL Wall 14’-1”
Stage Floor Vertical grain southern yellow pine, tongue and groove strip, flat black



Split Main Traveler with valence- (Green), motorized from 3 locations.
Mid and upstage split travelers from SR at 9’ and 17’- (black).
Legs and Borders at 5’6” and 12’6” (black).
Light pipe in orchestra 30’ across, 5’ from proscenium by ladder.
2 house side light pipes - mid HL and HR
2 box booms HL and HR at balcony rail & 12’
4 Stage pipes at 5’ flying and 8’ – 13.5’ – 17’ fixed



Loading Dock

Back Stage Right at stage level - 6’x8’ door
Access is off Winter Street (behind Atlantic Bakery)
Concrete stairs with 3 risers
Portable ramp to dock - (6’ x 28” aluminum)
Trucks: Load one at a time. Limited parking

Green Room & Dressing Rooms

Stair access, upstage right.
Two lockable (6’-4” x 6’-4”) dressing rooms
Green Room (12’ x 25’) adjacent to dressing rooms
Bathroom (no shower), refrigerator, microwave, iron, steamer



Road Service Power

200 A 3-phase upstage right - access to outside at loading dock

Lighting System

ETC ColorSource 40 control console
ETC Sensor+ CE – 72 x 3kW dimmers
All grounded stage pin connectors.
16 Circuits at auditorium pipe
4/4 Circuits HR/HL @ Box Booms.
1/1 Circuits HR/HL @ House side pipes
17 + 17 Circuits above stage @ 7’ and 14’
4 x 4 Circuits in stage pockets @ corners / Edison connectors


(2) 8’ x 4-Channel strip lights, 48 x 150w – 4 color roundels
(13) 6” Altman Fresnel 165Q, 750w with barn doors (onstage)
(7) Source Four Parnel 575w with barn doors (onstage)
(2) 6” Altman Fresnel 165Q, 750w with barn doors (orchestra pipe)
(5) Source Four Parnel 575w with barn doors (orchestra pipe)
(4) Source Four 15°-30° zoom 575w (2 balcony, 2 house side)
(4) Source Four Mini-zooms 575w (2 balcony, 2 house side)
(2) Source Four 5 deg. 575w (balcony)

Lighting Throw Distances to Curtain Line

Projection booth - 75’
Box Booms - 50’
Orchestra Pipe - 8’



Allen-Heath GLD-112; 32 x 16

32 inputs
6 monitor aux
Aux sub-woofers
Aux front fill
Adequate QSL CX Series and Crown XLS amplifiers
Assortment of Sennheiser, Shure, and Crown dynamic and condenser microphones, and DI boxes
(3) Shure ULXP Receivers
(2) Shure belt pack transmitters
(2) SM58 Handheld Transmitter
(2) Cardioid Lavaliers
(1) Countryman E6 earpiece


Lectrosonics 8-channel auto mixer

Clear Com wired system with (6) 2-way belt packs with headsets - 3 wall stations
Telephone style intercom
Program/Paging throughout building

Hearing Assistance

Listen FM hearing assist - (14) Headsets or T-Coils available



The Strand uses a state of the art high definition digital cinema projection system that conforms to -- and in fact exceeds -- the standards mandated by the worldwide Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI). This system ensures that we are able to bring you, our audience, the best new release independent films and even more of the movies you have come to love at the Strand. In addition, we are one of the only theaters in Maine that also retains the capacity to show 35 mm films the traditional way, and we intend to continue keeping film alive alongside our new technology.


       Christie Solaria One+ 2K Lumens Projector with IMB

       3,000 Lumen Short Throw Projector


Main Screen: 13.5’ x 25’ (mounted at stage front, flyable)

       Dedicated 7 X 11 rear-screen projection system with masking available at mid-stage

12’ x 12’ portable front-projection screen

Film Projectors

(2) 35mm Kinoton FP-30-Ds (Set up for changeovers and multiple speed).

Lens Formats

Schneider: (1.37:1), (1.66:1), (1.85:1), (2.39:1), (35mm silent)


       GDC Integrated Media Block server for true HD digital cinema packages (DCP)
       DVD, Blu-Ray, Mac Pro Hard Drive/Server
       Satellite, Cable and Internet Receivers
       Multi-format guest input panels

       Laptop running Windows 10

Computer feed

(2) Extron TPT468 at stage left and stage right
VGA input in booth


Dolby CP650 (5.1) & Dolby DMA8+
All EV: LCR, (2) 2 x 18 Subs, (16) surround
QSC Cinema Series
THX certified



Mic Stands & cables
Music Stands w/lights
Oak lectern with light
(15) Stacking chairs with chrome legs, padded seat & back (black)
(5) Wenger “Nota” Musician’s Chairs (black)
(2) 4’ x 8’ x 16” risers with neutral carpet deck
(1) Portable stair unit with handrail from orchestra to stage
(2) 4’ x 6’ neutral stage carpets
(5) 8’ x 12’ neutral stage carpets
(2) 8 ft. tables
(2) 6 ft. table
(2) 4 ft. table
(2) Easels.
(1) high stools (black wood, no back)
(3) high stools (brown wood, with back)
(1) 12’ to 20’ extension trestle (ladder)
(2) A-frame ladders (6' and 10')



The Theatre is equipped with a commercial prep kitchen:
- Microwave Oven
- Convection Oven
- Refrigerators
- Ice machine
- 3-bay sink
- Misc. utensils & kitchen supplies
- Please call for information on catering / food service.
- NOTE: Range-top cooking NOT available.



The theater maintains its own liquor license, and offers a bar service in the balcony.
Please call for information on the bar service and for policies concerning alcohol service.


Should your needs exceed the above we would be pleased to arrange additional equipment by approved vendors. Please call our office to discuss your equipment or rental needs: (207) 701-5053

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