SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER - Member Appreciation Screening

Free Admission for Strand Theatre Members!

John Travolta graduated from minor celebrity to superstar with Saturday Night Fever. Travolta plays Tony Manero, a Brooklyn paint-store clerk who'd give anything to break out of his dead-end existence. In life, Tony is a peasant; on the disco dance floor, he's a king. As the soundtrack plays one Bee Gees hit after another (including "Stayin' Alive"), we watch white-suited Tony strut his stuff amidst flashing lights and sweaty, undulating bodies. Tony's class aspirations are mirrored in his relationship with his dance partner, Stephanie (Karen Lynn Gorney), a secretary eager to move into the glamorous world of Manhattan. Saturday Night Fever's huge success grew meteorically thanks to the towering popularity of its soundtrack; during the first half of 1978, when the movie's disco songs saturated the singles charts up to four at a time, it was no longer clear whether the hit movie was feeding the hit songs or the hit songs were feeding the hit movie.

Directed by John Badham

Starring John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller

USA | 1977 | R | 1h 58min

Present your Strand Theatre Membership Card at the door for free admission plus a small fountain drink and popcorn!

The Strand presents two free movie screenings for its Members each year. If you're not already a Member, you can join today or in our lobby immediately prior to the screening!

Show Dates & Times:

11/2/17 - Thursday

7:00 pm,

Free for Strand Theatre Members. Doors will open at 6pm. Sorry, no tickets will be sold to the general public.

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